The Joy of Boondocking

What is boondocking? The word boondock comes from the Tagalog “bundok” meaning “mountain.” gives the definition “rural country; the backwoods” while MSN Encarta also includes “place remote from civilization.” Here I refer to both camping and boondocking, with camping including primitive campgrounds and other dry camping locations as shown in photo, while boondocking specifically means camping in more remote areas in undesignated campgrounds or designated camping areas but without designated individual campsites.

The remote end of the boondocking experience is camping off the beaten path, in a hidden desert canyon or on the banks of a trout stream, often without other RV neighbors, and with no amenities other than Mother Nature and the indigenous critters that also make the boondocks their home. These campsites are the hardest to find, and often the hardest to get to, yet are often the most rewarding for the quiet, solitude, and nature experiences, they offer. This site will help to guide you in your boondocking adventures, and hopefully you will share those experiences with others.


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