Research public lands at National Park Service’s online library

The National Park Service has issued a News Release urging online researchers–and RVers looking for things to do, places to go, and an in depth knowledge of the places they hope to visit–to visit the parks research Web site. Their press release is below:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 12, 2010 Contact: Gerry Gaumer (202) 208-6843 Harry Butowsky, Ph.D., (202) 354 -2261

Read a Good Report Lately?  Visit the National Park Service On-Line Library

WASHINGTON – The next time you are doing research on topics ranging from

history to science or preservation, see what the National Park Service

(NPS) has to offer.  Researchers and those with a thirst for knowledge or

an insatiable curiosity will find an extensive and ever expanding online

library with almost 4,000 books, reports, and articles, covering a broad

range of subjects.

The NPS E-Library houses information on all aspects of the NPS mission,

including archeological/anthropological research, history and natural

history, scientific monographs, urban ecology, wildlife, and geology, as

well as an extensive collection of park administrative histories, reports,

newsletters, and classic books about the NPS.

The NPS continually adds to this online library and focuses on new, rare,

and hard-to-find materials about national parks and the NPS. Examples of

titles and reports include:

A Brief History of the National Park Service (1940)

World War II and the American Home Front (2007)

Take Down Flag & Feed Horses (1998)

Rally on the High Ground: The National Park Service Symposium on the

Civil War (2000)

Wine, yaman and stone, the archeology of a Russian hospital trash pit,

Sitka National Historical Park (1986)

Proceedings of the First Park Naturalists’ Training Conference (1929)

Maritime Heritage of the United States: Lightships in the United States


Wildlife Management in the National Parks: The Leopold Report (1963)


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