10 Things To do to Expand Your RVing Horizons

SONY DSCWe make the decision to purchase RVs for our own reasons and interests, though these reasons may vary greatly between individuals and groups. Many buy their RV primarily to use as a hotel room when visiting relatives, conventions, concerts, rallies, and other events where campground or RV resort facilities are not convenient.

Many families also purchase an RV primarily to use as a weekend get-a-way or for extended annual vacations to state and national parks or full service entertainment RV resorts like Good Sam RV Parks and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts.

But there is a whole lot more you can do with your RV other than just camping in established campgrounds or RV rresorts . Below are some examples, some practical, some just plain fun. Add yours in the comments section. Happy Travels.

  1. Use your RV’s generator to power your stick house and recharge your battery-operated devices during power outages and emergencies.
  2. Use also as a emergency home if yours is damaged, flooded, or otherwise not inhabitable until repairs are completed or a new house is built.
  3. Use your RV as living quarters when building houses for Habitat for Humanity or helping out when volunteering during natural disasters.
  4. Use your RV as a fishing cabin. Forest Service Rangers can be a big help here if you tell them you are looking for a “dispersed campsite” close to a stream or lake for fishing. Also go over forest service topographical maps looking for the convergence of streams (blue lines) with forest service roads.
  5. Use your RV as a changing room at the beach. Though overnite camping may not be legal in beach parking lots, having a place to warm up, change clothes, have a snack, a nap, or a restroom break can make beach trips much more comfortable – especially when little ones are part of your excursion.
  6. Use your RV as an observation and photography blind in state and National Wildlife Refuges, along state birding trails, and by lakes and ponds along flyways where ducks and other migratory birds visit to rest and feed. Though your RV may at first frighten off the birds, if you stay inside they will soon return, after having not identified the RV as a predator.
  7. Use your RV as a base camp at trail heads for wilderness exploration, hiking trips, and for paddling bays, bayous, and meandering rivers and streams.
  8. Use your RV as a mobile forest cabin while exploring our national forests (Photo above: Oregon’s Deschutes National Forest campsite) and National Scenic Byways where you can often find forested overnite campsites along your route.
  9. Use your RV as a clubhouse for your hobby, with all your paraphernalia and accouterments used in your particular hobby close at hand and always with your wherever you go and with whoever you practice your hobby. I have seen such setups used by RVers that follow the Chili Cookoff circuit, square dance festivals, ham radio “hamfests” and conventions, dog show participants, and more. And even if you do not participate in one of these hobbies, they are often fun and enlightening to attend as a fan or observer.
  10. Use your RV as a showroom for products you sell to far-flung buyers, bringing them into your environment to show your product line and write orders, free from the distractions often evident when conducting business in the client’s office.

For more RVing articles and tips take a look at my Healthy RV Lifestyle website, where you will also find my ebooks: 111 Ways to Get the Biggest Bang for your RV Lifestyle Buck (PDF or Kindle), Snowbird Guide to Boondocking in the Southwestern Deserts (PDF or Kindle), The RV Lifestyle: Reflections of Life on the Road (Kindle reader version), and my newest Boondockbob’s Guide to RV Boondocking (Kindle). NOTE: Use the Kindle version to read on iPad and iPhone or any device that has the free Kindle reader app.


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