New free 2015 Motor Vehicle Use Map available for Coconino National Forest

Boondocking in the Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, AZ
Boondocking in the Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, AZ

Mike Dechter, the NEPA Coordinator of the Forest Service’s 1.856-million acre Coconino National Forest, have had a continuing conversation about the Forest Service’s recently implemented Travel Management Plan.

The Plan has been under development for several years as a way to control and manage the National Forests and to prevent irreparable damage. In the process, it is also curtailing the number of miles of National Forrest Service roads where hunters, off-roaders, and RVers may drive and camp.

I received an email from Mike on Wednesday (tax day) that the 2015 Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) has been published and is available free of charge online for smartphones, tablets, and Garmin GPS devices and at forest offices and several local businesses in and around the forest in Northern Arizona near Flagstaff.

If you travel , or intend to travel, in Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon area, this MVUM will be indispensable (can be used with an app so you do not need a wireless connection to use). Below you will find the entirety of Mike’s letter, how to obtain the map, and other valuable and useful information regarding coconino National Forest.

san_francisco_peaks“I’m writing to inform you that the Coconino National Forest has recently published the 2015 Motor Vehicle Use Map, which shows all of the roads, trails and areas open to motorized vehicles on the national forest. The map is now available for FREE and can be downloaded for use on smartphones, tablets and Garmin GPS devices. Hard copies of the MVUM will be available at all Coconino National Forest offices and many local businesses.

“In addition to hard copy maps, forest visitors can now get a free electronic MVUM, which is a color map with shaded relief topography, game management units, hiking trails, and all designated motorized routes and areas. Using this electronic map on one’s smartphone through the Avenza PDF Maps app incorporates GPS location, meaning one can see where they are on the map as they drive or hike on the national forest. Instructions for how to get the free map app on your mobile device can be found at (case sensitive). The Travel Map operates without the risk of lost reception and it does not rely on an internet connection, making it a valuable traveling tool.

“The 2015 MVUM includes a number of updates and corrections made as a result of public input received over the past year. More substantive route changes requested by the public will need to be reviewed through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

“If you discover errors on the 2015 MVUM, notice problems with road signs on the Coconino National Forest, or have any general comments about motorized use policies or designations, please visit the website and complete the “Feedback” form, at .”


Mike Dechter
NEPA Coordinator
US Forest Service
Coconino National Forest
p: 928-527-3416
1824 S Thompson St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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