New free 2015 Motor Vehicle Use Map available for Coconino National Forest

Mike Dechter, the NEPA Coordinator of the Forest Service’s 1.856-million acre Coconino National Forest, have had a continuing conversation about the Forest Service’s recently implemented Travel Management Plan. The Plan has been under development for several years as a way to control and manage the National Forests and to prevent irreparable damage. In the process, […]

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Wildlife Tracking: Stalking La Tortuga, the endangered desert tortoise

Think of your RV as an exploration machine, able to take you to places where you can live comfortably while pursuing elusive wildlife, photographing exploding Spring wildflowers, or spotting migrating neo-tropical birds. Unfortunately, snowbirds that leave their winter roost to head back to Canada, the Midwest, or Pacific Northwest seldom see La Tortuga, the desert […]

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The Spring explosion of color in the Southwestern Deserts

Escapees from the cold Canadian, Pacific Northwestern, and Mid-Western winters, descend to the Southwestern Deserts for the winter, but by March, you will find a continuous caravan of motorhomes, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, pop-tops, truck campers, and converted busses strung out along the interstates, all heading back north. Just as they flocked in at the beginning […]

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Good Deeds and Guardian Angels

“Anybody home,” a voice called, jolting me from my fixation on the computer monitor. I expected to see only lizards and roadrunners at this isolated desert campsite on a seldom-used road a good two country miles from the main highway. A young man in his early 20s, flushed from walking–or embarrassment–asked if I could give […]

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